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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I was in the city of Houston's official Visitors Center this week and noticed a pretty neat display in the store that featured a hometown girl we're all proud of.

Behind a security glass there were several awards won by none other than Beyonce' and Destiny's Child during their musical journey.

From MTV's moon man to the gold World Music Award trophy.

There are also several Beyonce' t-shirts and souvenir books for sale around the display.

I was curious so I asked the clerk how long will the display be in the visitor's shop.  I was shocked at what she told me.

First, she said it will likely be in the shop another three months.  That would end end a five month run of the awards' display and the Beyonce' memorabilia.

But what was shocking - that clerk says in the last two months the store hasn't sold a single Bey item.  Not one.

The worker says no one wants to buy a t-shirt or a souvenir book for $10 each.

That employee of the visitor's center is so desperate to move the product she told me to tell people to say they read about it and they could get half off on the Beyonce' products.

I'm not sure if she was serious but why not try it out.

You'd pay $5 for a Beyone' t-shirt right?


  1. Bey's stuff is selling out so many places, her fans don't need a vistor center. Thats like selling gucci at the vistor ctr, wrong venue for such priceless items.

  2. I'm going to check it out. A bargain is a bargain. I have to save all my money, I have two girls that love Beyonce and I think she is a good role model.