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Friday, May 6, 2011


Lakewood Church

The 25 year old Houston man wanted for allegedly fondling a child at Lakewood Church last year says he will turn himself in today.

Alvaro Guzman called FOX 26 this afternoon saying he wanted to give a statement before he surrendered to authorities. 

Guzman said he found it unfortunate he could be accused of harming a child at the church where he volunteered.  Prosecutors 

say Guzman inappropriately touched an 8 year old autistic boy back in February of 2010.  The child took part in the Champions 

Club program designed for special needs children at Lakewood.  The Houston Police Department spent Thursday looking for Guzman 

who could not be found at his last listed address.  Guzman faces a charge of indecency with a child which is a felony.

Guzman denies any wrongdoing and promises to turn himself in by the end of the day. 

Here's the transcript of Guzman's conversation with reporter Isiah Carey: 

Alvaro Guzman: "It is regrettable to find myself facing such horrible and grave accusations while working at Lakewood Church.  I can only stress that my attorney and I have and will continue to cooperate with any and all proceedings linked to this investigation."  

Isiah: "When are you going to turn yourself in?"

Guzman: "Today, probably before the end of the day."

Isiah: "Did you do it?" 

Alvaro Guzman: "No, I didn't...God bless you and I will be in touch sir."

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