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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


New Tasers in Houston?

Last week the Insite had a 50 minute long conversation with HPD Chief Charles McClelland.  It was to discuss his one year anniversary as the top cop at the Houston Police Department.  

One of the topics of discussion - tasers.  

You know those space age devices that Houston cops carry.  They can zap you instead of putting a bullet in a suspect.  

HPD Chief Charles McClelland
Chief McClelland says just like computers the technology involved with tasers is always changing.  He says he'd like to upgrade the current ones on the streets.  

McClelland says in the next few months the department will make a move to bring in a new line of tasers to the officers in the department.  

However, McClelland didn't say how the money strapped police department will pay for them with possible layoffs looming.  

HPD spent nearly $5 million since 2004 for over 5,000 stun guns from Taser International based in Arizona.  

The Insite will keep you updated!
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