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Friday, April 29, 2011


Former HPD Cop Demetrie Dixon

He's being called a rapist in blue and now a Houston police officer could be going to prison for a very long time.

It was last year when 26 year old Demetrie Dixon was arrested for sexually assaulting at least two prostitutes near west 34th street in northwest Houston.

Investigators say Dixon, a 2 year veteran of the Houston Police Department, used his authority to detain and sexually assault the hookers.

Friday morning a Harris County jury returned a guilty verdict on 2 counts of sexual assault against the rookie cop.

Prosecutors paraded a string of street walkers into the court to tell how they were victimized by Dixon.

One woman who we're not identifying told jurors in the punishment phase, "I know I'm a prostitute but I didn't deserve that."

That woman says Dixon forced her to strip nude and told her to spread her lips.

Another woman who says she no longer works the streets testified, "I was forced to perform oral sex on him...I didn't ask for this...he did this to me."

Dixon's attorney said they could not comment until after sentencing which is likely to take place Monday.

Dixon faces two to twenty years for the convictions.

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