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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I jumped at the chance last weekend to finally own a 3D television.  The one I found was affordable, it looked great, and it came with internet accessibility.

It was the Vizio brand sold in most Walmart stores and the remote even has a qwerty keyboard.

By the time I got home I was very satisfied with the picture, 3D performance, 120Hz, and sound quality.  But what threw me for a loop after a watching a while was the internet accessibility feature.

The tv was also wireless which is also a  plus and huge bargain at $698.

cool qwerty keyboard on the tv remote
The problem I ran into was the apps provided by Yahoo.  It gives you everything you need like Facebook and Twitter.  It's all right there on your television.  However, it did not stay on my television. 

Every time I loaded an internet app or program it crashed after about 30 seconds.  I thought something was wrong with this particular tv because all of the reviews were great.

Apparently, no one spent any time monitoring the apps on the set before publishing those reviews.

So, I decided to take the first television back and get a second one.  When I got the next Vizio home it did the same thing.

I called customer service and the best they could do is tell me to reboot the tv and call them back if I have more problems.  I did.  I skipped the call back and went online and found a laundry list of people who complained about the same thing - apps crashing.

Needless to say, I took the second television back to Walmart.

I guess it's time I pull out an extra $500 and get that Samsung Smart TV.  I hope that set doesn't have any bugs I don't know about!

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