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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


TV reporter gains YouTube fame with bug gulp

By KEN HOFFMAN Copyright 2011 Houston Chronicle

June 6, 2011, 4:49PM

Back in 1995, KRIV reporter Isiah Carey was working for Channel 4 in Arkansas. He was assigned to cover a story in a small rural town about 50 miles outside Little Rock. He taped an introduction to his report in a country field.
If you've seen Carey's work on Channel 26, you know he has a rich, deep voice and calm, smooth manner.
Then a bug flew into his mouth.
Carey threw a fit and unleashed a torrent of profanity that pretty much guarantees he'll never work for the Arkansas Office of Tourism. His voice hit some high notes that would make the Vienna Boys Choir envious. The video never aired, of course. It stayed unseen in Channel 4's treasure chest of bloopers until 2008, when it popped up on and Jimmy Kimmel played it on his late-night talk show.
Ten MILLION YouTube viewers later … Carey will get his "Web Redemption" tonight on Tosh.0, the Comedy Central show where video fails get a "do-over." Tosh.0 is the funniest, meanest, dirtiest, most irreverent thing on TV. Well, basic cable, anyway. Watch this show and at least 10 times you'll think, "How does Comedy Central let Tosh say that?"
I've got to give Carey credit for going on Tosh.0 and re-living what has to be his most embarrassing professional...

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